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2018 Supreme Court of Ohio Training and OAPSA Conference-

OAPSA is again partnering with the Supreme Court of Ohio to provide pretrial specific training in 2018.  This year’s training and conference are November 8& 9.  The Supreme Court training will be a full day on November 8, and the OAPSA conference will be a half day on November 9.  

Day One (11/8/18) will focus on several pretrial topics including:

  • The current status of bail reform in Ohio
  • How to start (or improve) a pretrial program in your jurisdiction  
  • What other criminal justice system players want from a pretrial program
  • Action Planning for your jurisdiction

Day One is a Supreme Court training and will include CLEs.  This is a free training and registration will be through the Supreme Court’s web site.

Day Two (11/9/18) is a half day and will begin with a brief OAPSA Membership breakfast and meeting. Workshops that follow will focus on specific tools for Pretrial Programs:

Workshop 1 – Supervision Techniques

Effecting behavior change can be accomplished within the pretrial framework. This workshop will present an overview of two accepted ways to achieve this.  STEPS is a pretrial specific version of EPICS, and has been used with success in supervising defendants in Summit County.    Lucas County has used graduated consequences to improve results with their pretrial population. Practitioners from these jurisdictions will present an overview of these techniques and discuss how they can be implemented in your jurisdiction.

Workshop 2 – Dealing with Challenging Defendants

What about those clients that no amount of cognitive based interventions seem to help? We all have those challenging cases.  Dr. Aaron Ellington, of the Summit County ADM Board will educate us about the more subtle issues that prevent clients with issues of mental illness, addiction, and trauma from achieving change and being successful.   The balance of the workshop will be yours to bring up your most challenging cases for his expert input.

This has been approved for 2.75 COB hours.

Cost is $75.00.  This includes breakfast, COB hours and OAPSA Membership.  Brochure  and registration form is available here:


OAPSA is offering The Sue Brannen Memorial Scholarship for this event.  Scholarship includes conference registration, hotel for the night of November 8 and mileage to & from the conference hotel.  If you are interested in applying, please email a brief (150 words or less) essay to OAPSA President Tom Sauer (TSauer@cms.hamilton-co.org) detailing why you want to attend the conference.  Deadline for applying is October 26. 

Memorial Scholarship established to honor

Past President Sue Brannen.

The Pretrial field lost a true champion on February 19, 2015 when Sue Brannen passed away.  Sue had recently retired from Franklin County Pretrial Services, but had planned on being an active member of the OAPSA Board of Directors in her role as past president.   Sue was a guiding light for Pretrial Services on a national,state and county level. She served as a board member of the Pretrial Justice Resource Center, and as president of the New York Association of Pretrial Services Agencies, prior to moving to Ohio where she served two terms as president of OAPSA.

Sue was a firm believer in continuing education for Pretrial Practitioners. She was instrumental in planning our state conferences, and key in helping us make them the professional and enjoyable experiences they are today. She was also committed to expanding opportunities for Pretrial Practitioners to attend the annual conference.


Sue was well known to OAPSA members for her great sense of humor, her mentoring and her probing questions at our conferences.    She served as OAPSA President for two terms, but her involvement in Pretrial was much more than that.  Sue began her pretrial career in Rochester, New York at the Pre-Trial Services Corporation of the Munroe County Bar Association, later leading that agency as its Executive Director.  While in New York, Sue was elected by her peers to the presidency of the New York Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (NYAPSA).  During her time in New York Sue also served as a Board Member of the Pretrial Justice Resource Center (now the Pretrial Justice Institute).

Sue moved to Ohio fourteen years ago and began working in Pretrial in Columbus.   She went on to be elected by her Ohio peers to the presidency of OAPSA as well.  She is the only person to have held the presidency of two state pretrial associations.   In 2007 Sue was honored by the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies with the Ennis J. Olgiati Award which is NAPSA’s highest honor and recognizes lifetime achievement in the field of pretrial services.